Thank you to the following people who I have worked with in the past for their support and also to my clients who continue to challenge me and drive me to help them achieve their goals…

Colleague testimonials…

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Alex both at Fulham Football Club and at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Her enthusiasm, attention to detail, professionalism and commitment were constant and her input has helped many players who have passed through both clubs over a sustained period of time. As a result, her experience in handling fitness and rehabilitation under pressure and at the highest level, is without question. Amazingly, this belies the friendly, modest and ever-positive approach she takes to everyone she works with, regardless of their ability and standing.’ 

Dr Charlotte Cowie MBBS,DSportMed,DM-SMed, MRO, FFSEM(UK) former head of medical services at FFC and THFC, former medical director of the British Olympic Association Elite Performance Plan and current Head of Performance Medicine at The Football Association.

‘Due to horrific injuries sustained in a car accident, I spent every day of my rehabilitation working with Alex. Immediately after the accident, medical experts felt that I would be unable to walk again but with the encouragement, support and professionalism of Alex, my recovery went beyond expectations and I returned to play for my Club and Country once again. I feel that Alex helped me as much as anyone, if not more, in my rehabilitation not only physically, but mentally every day throughout this challenge.’

Chris Coleman, Welsh International & Fulham Football Club footballer. Former Welsh National Team Manager, Premiership & Championship manager 

‘Alex is constantly updating her knowledge through professional development and peer reviews and has always worked seamlessly to provide first class strength and conditioning services to her clients. She has a selfless and enthusiastic attitude which is extraordinary within the world of professional sport and is further demonstrated through the trust and confidence that she has earned from all of her professional peers.’

Michael Snelling, APA Sports Physiotherpist, MAPA, MCSP, SRP, M Physio (Sports), B App Sc (Physio), B App Sc (Exercise & Sports Sc). Former FFC physiotherapist, England Rugby Senior Team Physiotherapist and previous Director of Medical Services, Milwaukee Bucks (NBA).

‘Alex was responsible for my rehabilitation and physical training for over 2 and a half years. In my first season at Fulham Football Club I experienced a hamstring injury. It was a potentially career threatening injury, but with the constant work that I did with Alex at the training ground, I returned back to competition stronger than I was before. Alex worked tirelessly with me every day. This quality work enabled me to continue my professional playing career and I know this is the case for numerous other players at Fulham Football Club. Alex is one of the most knowledgeable people in her field and that I have worked alongside in my career, more importantly, she is motivational, mentally working on players’ minds, keeping them positive during difficult periods of their professional careers.’

John Collins, Scotland International and Fulham Football Club professional footballer.

‘When working with Alex I found that she had the invaluable and enviable skill of keeping motivation levels high when working with the injured players – especially the long term injured. Players would return both mentally and physically fit having been through an extensive rehab programme with Alex leaving nothing to chance’

Amanda Lee, LSSM dip MSMA, Sports Massage Therapist, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and UK Athletics.

‘I worked with Alex at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club since 2003 and throughout that time I have been extremely impressed with her application of strength and conditioning principals and professionalism with the players at the Club. During this time, Alex worked with great enthusiasm to improve the level of conditioning which helped us win the Premiership South Reserve League by a 12-point margin during season 2005-2006. In her role at the Club, Alex contributed to the success of the first team (5th in the Premiership) as well as her role in the rehabilitation and return to training of injured players. Her application and knowledge in the areas of speed, power, endurance and recovery strategies, I feel, contributed greatly to the physical development of the players and the results they attained’

Clive Allen, Development Coach, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and former England International footballer.


I’ve had the pleasure to work with Alex for over 10 years now in high performance sporting environments. Her expertise in strength and conditioning extends to a specialist approach with rehabilitation athletes and those working to solve injury problems. Her experience of close collaboration with physiotherapists together with her understanding of injury risk is evident in the approach she takes with this special population. Alex is creative and flexible, devising training solutions for complex problems, affording all athletes the opportunities to progress optimally towards their performance goals.

Julia Church MA(Oxon)MCSP


Client testimonials…

”I was a keen runner having completed 14 marathons (11) London, New York, Paris and Venice with a best time of just under the magical 3hr mark so ‘good for my age’ as the organisers would say up until five year ago.  Since 2009 I have had to put up with running with the pain of an Achilles problem in my right foot, which whilst it undoubtedly compromised my performance, like many I am sure I was able to tolerate, so persevered with the problem rather than getting it treated.  If I’m honest I thought it was just another thing to put down to age.

Towards the end of last year however the pain intensified and I finally sort advice meeting up with a Sport Physician who told me I had Achilles tendinopathy from which my right leg had deteriorated quite badly in terms of leg movement, strength and control. The specialist’s advice was simple: a proper rehabilitation programme with a strength and conditioning specialist would sort this out once and for all and he recommended Alex Reid.

Alex and I have been working together now since October 2013 and I am delighted to report that I have now been running completely pain free for some two months, my leg strength, movement and control have also all improved dramatically, can you believe I’m even thinking of doing another marathon…” (March 2014)  ”I still see Alex every week and she adapts the conditioning sessions to my training goals: motor racing, cycling, running. The sessions are challenging, intense and fun and I feel really physically capable as a result”.

Lee Mowle, British GT3 Racing Driver.


A friend recommended Alex to me as I suffer from abdominal pains after a mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction using tissue from my abdomen.  The operation was five years ago and I have been left with at best a constant feeling of heaviness/tightness.   However in January 2014 this worsened and I was in constant pain with a darting, tingling pain.  The surgeon has explained that this can sometimes happen and there is nothing that they can do medically (well I suppose apart from endless pain killers) to deal with it.

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure about going to Alex – I’m not at all athletic and hate exercises – and I’m quite pedantic about understanding what I am doing and ensuring that the movements I’m making are correct.  Also I have to master one aspect before I can move on to the next – so showing me an exercise and then asking me to breathe at the same time proved tricky at times.   I have been through a few Pilates teachers who lacked the stamina to cope with me.

I’m delighted to say that Alex not only has stamina but also patience and diplomacy skills to see even someone like me through an exercise programme.  When I whinged about the exercises being painful we stopped and discussed my motivation and how important was it for me to reduce the pain I was in.  She convinced me that even, if at worse the pain did not subside, the core area we were addressing would be stronger to cope and that overall my posture and fitness would improve – a positive thing in itself.

Even after the first week I felt a benefit and of course success breeds success and the better I felt the more inclined I was to believe in and do the exercises.  Whilst not out of pain, it has certainly decreased and not only do I feel physically better but I’m also mentally better at dealing with it.

I keep a daily score sheet of what exercises I have done (and how many) which I show to Alex and helps to remind me to query if there is some aspect of the exercise I don’t feel I’m doing right or if I felt particular pain in one.  Alex is always very encouraging when she looks at it – and her positive comments keep one motivated.

I think one of the main differences with Alex (compared to the Pilates/exercise people I had before) is that because she does rehabilitation she is used to dealing with people in pain and understanding their needs rather than a regimented fitness programme with a “one size fits all” approach.   She cares about the individual and wants to make us better.

Anyway I’m absolutely delighted to find that a fitness programme can help with my pain – much to my amazement – and that it just gives me such a lift.  Thank you Alex.



Over the past few years I had developed sciatica, knee problems and plantar fasciitis. However, I had longed to go to the Himalayas for many years and so I sought the advise of a sports medicine doctor who then referred me to Alex.

I first met Alex in December 2017 and she took a very detailed medical history followed by a thorough physical assessment. She then liaised with my physiotherapist and came up with a balanced and complete programme for me to follow. I met her once a week and trained on my own twice a week to her programme.

Throughout the 6 months that I was involved with Alex, she held my hand every step of the way.  I could barely walk about a year prior to meeting her, and hence I had lost of a lot of my confidence, but she was instrumental in keeping me motivated with tremendous patience and encouragement.

And thanks to her support, I successfully completed my trip to the Himalayas last month. I’ve returned to my old gym after a 6 months break and my personal trainer has been very impressed with the progress that I have made with Alex and has been pushing me harder than ever.  I am extremely grateful to Alex for her professionalism, knowledge and empathy, because of which I was able to make my long standing dream into a beautiful reality.



I ruptured my Achilles tendon in December 2016. After consultation with the Orthopaedic Surgeon, I decided on conservative treatment and rehabilitation rather than surgery. I finally started physiotherapy in March 2017 and by the end of the year, I had substantially returned to normal.

I then needed to bridge the gap between physiotherapy and higher function, so I was recommended and started seeing Alex in early 2018 and what Alex has done is help me take my recovery to the next level.

She has tailored exercise plans to support my aim of strengthening and rebuilding the tendon and muscles, whilst setting achievable programmes and targets that fit into my lifestyle. She has also been enormously encouraging and supportive.

The most important thing for me is that as my training has progressed, my confidence has started to return.  I now feel able to push myself whilst exercising without fear of injury.  My journey is not over yet but with Alex’s support, I am sure that my next 10k is just around the corner and maybe, just maybe, Alex will be running with me…



Working with Alex to help me with improve my fitness and prevent injuries has been the best decision I could have made when it comes to my training.

I got in contact with Alex because of her reputation and experience – who better than her to help with fitness required for refereeing rugby?

We had a session where she took me through the programme she put together for me based on my needs, expectations and injury history. I’ve been doing my best to stick to the programme and the results have been amazing, no calf injuries at all which has allowed me to get fitter than I was hoping for.

Because my life style and work commitments, I struggled to stick 100% to the programme because I am not in the same place or even country two weeks in a row, however I followed the key steps that we agreed are essential and that alone has made an enormous difference.

Looking forward to my best refereeing season yet!



Don’t Leave Your Performance to Chance…