Rehabilitation and Conditioning

Injuries can be limiting, reduce confidence and are very frustrating.

Whether you are a recreational runner, multi-sport player or high performance athlete, there is one goal that you have when you are injured: to get back to activity!

Perform:Fitness’s philosophy is for you to get back to action fitter, stronger and more robust than ever before.

We will build resilience and capacity in the body, target the specific areas of weakness and build confidence again, which will reduce the incidence of the curse of re-injury.

This is why within functional rehabilitation and conditioning an understanding and an ability to empathise and identify goals and targets for the individual along the road to recovery is of vital importance.

Perform: Fitness: will, in close liaison with you, your physiotherapist or sports medicine doctor, if relevant, create a full return to fitness plan which will progressively load and graduate the various components of fitness necessary to ensure a safe and efficient return to full activity. Goals and targets along the way will be identified and agreed upon.

Functional rehabilitation can be of service for clients who have experienced an acute injury, a sprained ankle for example, all the way through to post operative clients who may have a life changing rehabilitation challenge, like an ACL reconstruction, which can be overwhelming.

We have the experience to help… with a background in professional sport, Alex has rehabilitated International athletes back to full function, as well as dedicated individuals who want to kick a ball around again with their kids.

Squad Rehabilitation Options:

If you are a semi-professional or professional sports team and don’t have your own specialised rehabilitation personnel in place then Perform: Fitness: can cover these sessions in coordination with, and with thorough communication with the teams’ medical staff.  This will allow the medical team and S&C coach to focus on the fit players, and Perform: Fitness: to focus and rehabilitate the injured ones.

Illness or Occupational Injury Rehabilitation:

Functional rehabilitation & conditioning is not exclusive to sports injuries. Individuals who have experienced illness or occupational injury can also benefit from rehabilitation and a progressive, graduated exercise programme.

Any kind of surgery, injury or illness can be debilitating and life changing. It can be difficult to get back on track after such an event and can be difficult to return back to your previous physical condition.

Challenging episodes in your life, like surgery or cancer, for example, can mean that you have low self esteem and body image after bouts of inactivity. Perform: Fitness: can help you get back on track after any life changing event via exercise, which is a fantastic way to help you achieve your goals, improve self-esteem and boost wellness, and feel the benefit of activity again.

Rehabilitation and conditioning sessions can be conducted either at a private gym facility, open to Perform: Fitness: clients’ in the Wimbledon area, your own personal gym facility, (subject to gym approval) at you home or place of work, at a local park or at your specific training ground venue or sports club facility.

The programme will be tailored specifically around your requirements, or your sport and the functional movement patterns that are necessary to ensure that we reduce any potential re-injury and any future problems.

Private Gym:

Perform: Fitness: also has access to a private gym in Wimbledon Village, South West London, where private rehabilitation sessions can be conducted.

The gym is linked to Physiocentric which is a highly professional physiotherapy clinic based in Wimbledon Village and Hinchley Wood in Surrey, with access to chartered physiotherapists, Pilates and sports massage. This means that there is an opportunity for effective referral to other clinicians based at the clinic to fully benefit from a multi-disciplinary team if desired.

Physiocentric also has firmly established links with a huge range of consultants and physicians, and would facilitate on-going referral whenever appropriate.

Alex conducting an injury prevention session with the players at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

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