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Applied Core Conditioning, The Crowood Press. (2019)

Applied Core Conditioning will deliver the information necessary to help design, prescribe and programme appropriate core conditioning strategies for those who wish to stay fit and have a healthy spine, prevent injury by ensuring appropriate conditioning of the core, for performance athletes, in addition for those who have had the unfortunate experience of low back pain and associated injury.

Workplace injury is discussed as well as the financial cost and knowing that 80% of us will experience low back pain at some point in our life should be reason enough to motivate some conditioning and preventative measures via an effective applied core conditioning programme.

The book will offer solutions, presenting six different case studies that reflect the challenges of rehabilitating debilitating injuries like a prolapsed disc, pars defect, piriformis syndrome, groin strain, post-partum diastasis recti or hamstring tendinopathy.  These all require a strengthening of the posterior chain, core and lumbo-pelvic musculature which is presented in detail within the case studies to provide an insight into effective rehabilitation strategies when in pain or post-injury.

A comprehensive sports specific core conditioning chapter is included, with exercise selection and programme design, sets, repetitions and loading all discussed in detail.  Based upon the movement patterns, the physical stressors and the demands of different sports, four key sporting categories have been identified with examples of how to train and improve core conditioning relevant to these specific sports presented within the book, these being:

  • Rotation Sports
  • Multi-Directional High Intensity Intermittent Sports
  • Seated Events
  • Endurance and Linear Events

Applied Core Conditioning will inspire effective programming and prescription and encourage the motivation and desire to be fit for purpose in all of us, with the appreciation that core strength has an important role to play in the prevention of injury and performance within daily living, workplace well-being as well as in high performance sport.

The Science of Stretching, The Crowood Press (2017)

Published in May 2017, The Science of Stretching is a research-based book that brings together the scientific principles of many different modalities of stretching and its application to the general and sporting populations.

The book reviews static stretching, dynamic stretching, ballistic stretching, vibration platform, PNF, myofascial release, Pilates and Yoga as well as post-operative, chronic and acute injury benefits. Appropriate prescription, application and expected outcomes are explained, which will revolutionize the way you choose to stretch.

The effect of stretching on performance indicators, like delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), running economy, speed and power, as well as chronic pain, growth-related, acute and chronic injury and exercise-associated muscle cramp are all reviewed and discussed from the latest research.

The research indicates both positive and negative outcomes from stretching on performance indicators and some modalities are more relevant for certain populations than others. This book will help you take the guesswork out of stretching.

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Elite Performance Running – From Middle Distance to Marathon.  Published by A&C Black (2009)

Alex co-authored the book addressing the area of strength & conditioning within the book which includes information on structuring a training programme, how and when to use different intensities of training, the importance of rest and recovery, goal-setting, physiological assessment, strength & conditioning for runners and detailed sections on injury prevention, treatment and nutrition.

Elite Performance: Running is the second in a new series of Elite Performance titles aimed at aspiring recreational athletes who typically train and compete at club level and above. The increased use of lab-based sports testing in recent years has considerably raised awareness of the impact of sports science on training and performance, and many coaches, trainers and athletes are looking for more information and guidance on how to apply this knowledge to their own training. This approach is at the heart of the Elite Performance: Running, which includes structuring a training programme, how and when to use different levels of training, the importance of rest and recovery, goal-setting, physiological assessment, principles of heart rate training, and detailed sections on injury prevention/treatment and nutrition. There is also a section on race day preparations and planning. With a practical full-colour design and packed with stunning colour photography, Elite Performance: Running is an indispensable companion for the middle- and long-distance runner, giving them all the information and tools to gain a competitive edge and stay fit.

‘With the colour-coded section layout and use of applicable diagrams, tables and photography, there is something for everyone without it becoming too complicated.’
–Athletics Weekly (January 2010)

Elite Performance Running: From Middle Distance to Marathon is the perfect companion for both experienced runners who want to fine tune their training to the novice who is just starting out and needs some good effective advice on how to start in order to get the basics right from day one.

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