Pre and Post Natal Fitness

One of the biggest changes, both physically and emotionally, that can happen in a woman’s life is the news that she is having a baby!

This will possibly be the biggest, most challenging physical event that you have ever trained for…

Make sure that you are prepared!

This is an exceptionally exciting time, but brings along with it many changes. The physical and emotional changes that occur at this time are quite amazing and astounding and many questions are raised by the mother-to-be in regards to what they can do physically as a result of their pregnancy.

Perform Fitness is able to provide a thorough service to its pre and post natal clients.

Having become certified in pre and post natal fitness via the ‘Fit to Deliver’ Advance Education Course in pre and post natal fitness, we can provide the ongoing support necessary through these exciting yet challenging 9 months and beyond!

The Fit to deliver programme philosophy is based around three concepts during and after your pregnancy, of which Perform Fitness greatly advocates:




The concept is very much research based and encourages appropriately prescribed activity throughout your pregnancy. As long as you have no contraindications, then we will be able to continue to work on your fitness and wellbeing throughout your pregnancy and afterwards.

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

The benefits of continuing or beginning an exercise programme during pregnancy for the mother are as follows:

Based on guidelines from Fit to Deliver International, 2004 & 2007
  • Reduction in risk of developing gestational diabetes
  • Reduction in risk of developing pregnancy induced hypertension
  • fewer obstetric interventions (vacuum extraction, forceps, etc)
  • Reduction in the active stage of labour (the time from 4-10cm dilation)
  • Research indicates that the incidence of cesarean may be lower
  • Increase in maternal wellbeing
  • Quicker return to pre-pregnancy weight
  • Decreased incidence of loss of bladder control during pregnancy and post partum
  • Reduction in bone density loss during the lactation stage
  • Reduction in common pregnancy complaints (haemorrhoids, leg cramps, back pain, etc)

Benefits to the Infant

The new born baby will also benefit from mum’s exercise programme…

Research by Clapp (2000) indicates that:
  • Infants have less body fat at birth
  • Infants are less cranky and have a reduction in the incidence of infant colic
  • Infants have greater neurodevelopment scores in oral language and motor areas (tested at age 5)

Clapp also raises the question that if a baby is born with lower body fat at birth, whether this would extend into aduclthood, thereby giving your baby a positive start in life and with their longterm wellbeing and health.


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We can complete 1-to-1 sessions in addition to group sessions with other pregnant and post partum mums.