Performance Consultancy & Mentoring

Performance Consultancy will provide an opportunity to review objectively, as well as subjectively, any environment where improved performance and high standards are desired, specifically within strength & conditioning provision and sports science.

With over 20 years experience at the highest level, Alex knows what it takes to work under the pressures of high performance sport where its often a results driven business.

Combining both her professional as well as personal experiences, Alex has the skill set to embrace an environment, or an individual and help mentor and inspire best practice.

Having completed her degree in the USA and played basketball at an NCAA Division 1 University for four years with a full basketball scholarship, in addition to playing basketball Internationally, complimented with her high performance sport background, Alex’s awareness of what is required at the highest level, yet her modesty at achieving these things, creates a welcome and openness which will allow honesty, trust and ultimately positive results.

Mentoring both individuals and groups is an area where Alex feels she can give back and inspire. A very rewarding role.  Alex’s passion for sport and awareness of innovation within sports science, as well as recognising that people skills are, after all, so important for success, lead to a valuable, unbiased review of your facility and staffing, and/or successful mentoring process.

Employing a fresh faced graduate?  Mentoring may help them shine and develop into the employee they dream to be…

Services are relevant for sports science graduates, sports coaches, S&C coaches, fitness trainers and PE teachers, but may also benefit those involved in business.

Don’t Leave your performance to chance…