How it works…

If you decide that you’d like to go ahead or discuss any of the services that I provide in further detail, then please email me directly.


If you require a rehabilitation or S&C programme I will ask you to complete a needs analysis form. This will provide me with all of the relevant information that I need to write a bespoke personal conditioning or re-conditioning programme. I will base my prescription on your injury history, any clinical detail from a referring practitioner, your goals, time commitments, facilities available, etc.  My goal is to ensure that whatever I prescribe is achievable for you to make a difference.

The completed and submitted needs analysis form will also serve to provide me with consent to store your personal data as with the GDPR policy which began in May 2018.  In order to support you and communicate with you fully to ensure the best outcome for your conditioning or rehabilitation I will need to liaise with you via email and phone as necessary. If at any time you’d like me to remove your information from my database please place this request in writing to the Perform:Fitness office.

Once I have received the completed needs analysis form and any relevant clinical information I will plan your programme and we can arrange to meet to run through the programme.  I can see you at your home, my home or at Physiocentric in Wimbledon Village.

This initial S&C session will take 1 hour.  If you live abroad or outside of London then I can support you remotely and we can liaise via Face Time or Skype.

As part of the package you will have access to an online strength software so as long as you have WiFi you will have your programme with you wherever you travel.

This encourages adherence to the programme and we can track load progressions, compliance to the programme, in addition to any muscle soreness or injury, sleep behaviours, rating of perceived exertion, training load and injury or soreness.

Your individual programme is bespoke and you can decide to see me as regularly as you wish: some clients see me every week and some every 2-3 weeks or at the end of the 6 week training block. I will support you remotely throughout your plan as much or as little as you like and the online software is an excellent monitoring tool to promote success with the plan.

A 6 week review will follow and any progressions or amendments will be provided during this session.  Progress is assessed and discussed and plans are evolved at this point.

Details of my fee structure can be provided upon request.

I hope I can help you reach your goals…

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