Fitness Testing

Sports Team, Squad or Individual Fitness Assessments:

Perform: Fitness has over twenty years experience in high performance fitness testing and physical assessment.

Tests can include, for example:

  • Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test Level 1
  • Bleep Test
  • BRONCO Test
  • Speed Tests (distance covered to your requirements)
  • Agility Tests
  • Repeated Sprint/speed endurance capacity
  • Hop tests
  • Strength Assessments: Repetition maximum Tests: Back Squat, Dead Lift, Bench press, etc.
  • Sum of skinfolds and other anthropometric measures

Strength to body weight ratios can be provided based upon the results.

Heart rate monitoring can be provided.

Pre-season, during/mid-season and end of season fitness assessments can be provided with individuals or teams.  Return to play assessments or group/team assessments can be conducted at your facility.

Perform:Fitness has experience with fitness testing both youth team players or youth athletes as well as adults. Such monitoring can be a valuable tool for talent ID and player development, as well as creating baseline data to review the effectiveness of any physical training intervention, or after injury to know what an athletes pre-injury measures may have been.

Perform:Fitness can provide a thorough analysis report on the team and individuals with the physiological results in as much depth as you require.

Heart rate data, speed, Aerobic capacity, fatigue index can all be provided depending on your target outcomes and the tests selected. All tests will be valid, reliable and repeatable for consistency, monitoring and tracking.

The testing can be based upon your requirements. Perform: Fitness: can provide as much or as little as you need!

If you have the testing equipment but not the time or personnel to complete testing, then I can help.  Alternatively, if you require the entire package with personnel and testing equipment, then I can be of service and would be delighted to help.

Post Injury Testing: Return to Play:

Perform:Fitness can also provide a dedicated fitness testing service for any players/individuals who may be returning from injury.

Ideally baseline levels will have been recorded pre-injury and any specific assessment can be completed to measure and ensure an appropriate level of conditioning, strength and robustness to lead to a safe return to play.

This will enable the medical team, management and the athlete to see where they are physically after a period of inactivity, review the conditioning or rehab programme and then progress as necessary.

  • Isokinetic testing
  • ACL Return to Play Programme: progressive & structured goal oriented return to play plan in close liaison with your physio/orthopaedic surgeon.

This will help in your return to training plan, as well as building confidence and will go towards ensuring that there is a reduction in injury potential and re-injury by ensuring that the athlete is suitably conditioned prior to their return to play.

We see Perform: Fitness: as an extra spoke in your wheel of success.

Testing equipment supplied by Perform Better