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Lifestyle assesments and wellness workshops to boost productivity 

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessments

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment evaluates various stress factors, sufficiency of recovery, quality of sleep and the health and fitness effects of physical activity.

Based on the results, concrete action points and recommendations are provided.

Lifestyle Assessment is used to recognise early signs of stress or overload and to focus individualised action points more effectively, motivate the client to make lifestyle changes, and reduce stress and sick leave related costs.

Lifestyle Assessment Process

A Lifestyle Assessment typically includes a 3-day heartbeat measurement, a personal report, professional feedback, action points and recommendations and a possible follow-up measurement.

  • The client conducts the 3-day assessment independently by following a simple set of instructions. Alex will then analyse the data and will create a report with the cloud-based Firstbeat Analysis Server.
  • The client receives a Lifestyle Assessment report package and professional 1-1 feedback with Alex.
  • Personal goals are set and concrete action points and recommendations are provided.
  • A follow-up assessment can be used to verify the reaching of goals and the effectiveness of the project.

Heart Rate Variability:

Heart rate is never constant: the time between consecutive heartbeats changes from beat to beat and this difference is called heart rate variability (HRV).

Heart rate variability increases during recovery and relaxation and decreases when the body faces some kind of load, for example stress.

It therefore provides an objective insight into how you are coping with your own day to day physiological demands. 

Your Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment report reflects this response objectively and indicates how well, or otherwise you are coping with daily demands, stress and recovery.

Please contact Alex to discuss the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment in more detail and how it can help you make sure that you get your work-life balance right.

I used the Firstbeat monitor this year and found it to be an excellent kickstart to making changes in my lifestyle. 

I had questions about my underlying health and fitness and the detailed report and data confirmed my instincts and gave me hard facts which were personalised. 

The detail in the report helped me to put together a plan to address my fitness, quality of sleep and diet.  It also helped me to understand better how to create a routine that supported me being able to experience wellness both physically and mentally.


Executive Coach

The Firstbeat Bodyguard 2 device is worn for 3 days to measure work, rest and play and gain a realtime insight into stress, recovery and exercise.

A 1-1 feedback session including appropriate intervention and goal setting to help make a difference is completed with Alex after every lifestyle analysis.

Can you wind down after a busy day, or do you find it hard to switch off..?

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