Business contacts & endorsements

A few companies and individuals who Alex uses and trusts…

Physiocentric ensures you receive an uncompromising excellence in physiotherapy care, utilising practice that is professional, innovative & compassionate. 

At Physiocentric, Your health is our focus. 

For professionals and businesses in the private health and wellbeing sector, Ellerton Marketing offers a full range of expert, bespoke & flexible marketing services to drive sustainable business growth.  Services we offer:

  • Start-up – starting up your own healthcare business? Everything you need to get up and running
  • Business MOT – a short, sharp assessment on your brand, website and marketing
  • Virtual Marketing Department – accessible, affordable & flexible monthly marketing support
  • Bespoke – marketing consultancy designed around you and your individual needs

For all Perform Fitness clients, we offer an exclusive FREE 90-min Brand Health Assessment. Book yours today.

The leading experts in sport performance, and the most innovative suppliers of sports performance equipment, you can rely on Perform Better.

At 33Fuel we operate from a food first point of view. A quality, fresh whole food diet is the
foundation on which performance – and health – must be built.

At 33Fuel we deliver powerful, natural sports nutrition for a performance upgrade you can feel and our mission is a simple one: make one million athletes – at all levels – faster, happier and healthier, and reset a broken industry in the process.


Specialist sports physiotherapist. 10 years in GB Olympic
Sport. Consultant for World Rugby, England Cricket, Italy Rugby.
Lecturer at St Mary’s University.

GC Biosciences offer premium health blood profiling services which use new technology trends in laboratory testing to help health-conscious clients attain their health and productivity goals.

Health and nutrition management can be monitored to the most precise level via blood profiling.

Alex can support you and offer these services via Perform Fitness and close liaison with the expert scientists at GC Biosciences based on Harley Street, London.

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