Physical Wellbeing

Using physical exercise to promote wellness and positive mental health.

Physical Wellbeing

The introduction of a physical wellbeing initiative within your business is a great way to boost morale, improve productivity, reduce sickness abscence, support mental wellbeing and create a positive culture within your business for your teams and your colleagues.

Deskercise Programmes:

Remote desckercise programmes can be run at set times throughout the day for your teams.

These can be a live feed via the video platform of your choice (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.) and scheduled into the work calendar for your employees to ensure that they take a break and get moving. Videos of the live sessions can also be provided to be streamed via your intranet as well as branded posters.

The sessions take 10-15 minutes can be bespoke according to the requirements of your business.

The focus on the sessions is postural strengthening, mobility, lower limb strength as well as core activation.  We know that sitting at our desks for hours on end carries a higher risk of musculoskeletal injury, including upper and lower back pain and shoulder pain.  If we can strengthen our spinal and postural muscles and learn to activate our core stabilisers effectively, we can reduce this risk of musculoskeletal pain and injury.

In addition, the risk of DVT is a real one and as many of us haven’t experienced our normal commute over the past few months and are more likely to remain working from home, it is more important than ever to schedule in some movement and exercise through our working day.

Corporate Group HIIT Sessions

Another great way to encourage fitness and wellbeing within your organisation is to offer regular HIIT (high Intensity Intermittent Training) sessions.

These can be run as often as desired through the working week, and at times to reach your teams globally.  They can last between 45 minutes to 1 hour with a focus on core strength, spinal mobility and physical conditioning.

The sessions are great fun, with the option for your teams to wear heart rate monitors during the sessions, it’s a great way to track intensity and add value to the outcome of each session.  These sessions not only improve physical conditioning, but they boost morale and team bonding. The sessions are so much fun and really create an opportunity for some postive physical intervention supported by your business.

Please contact Alex to discuss the different options for introducing the Perform Fitness Deskercise programme or weekly HIIT sessions into your business.

Deskercise Testimonials:

Although I was sceptical at first I can say that I am glad the Company introduced this program and I am now an enthusiastic supporter of “Ten at Ten” with Alex. I try my best to fit it into each busy day even rescheduling meetings when I can. Normally I spend long hours hunched over a keyboard exaggerated by lockdowns which is not good for anyone. Physically I am now starting to feel less stiff, a little more flexible, a little stronger, and dare I say, more alert. The other benefits are just as important in that it is a shared fun experience with lots of colleagues, it lifts my mood, it adds structure to the day, and above all it is enjoyable.

“Alex, I have enjoyed and been engaged by the positive way you run your exercise programme. It has been a good motivator to undertake regular exercise while working from home. The variety of exercises included, and the quick pace is excellent. The short duration means it can easily fit in to my working day. After a session I return to work feeling energised and able to focus on the rest of the day. Thank you.”

More people are experiencing musculoskeletal injury as a result of poor home working environments and poor posture/positioning.  

Regular deskercise sessions can help improve posture, core activation and strength, as well as boost morale whilst your teams’ continue to work from home.

What is more fun than a 45 minute HIIT session with your colleagues?! laughing

It is great fun!  We get the tunes on and work hard to make a difference. The endorphines and sense of wellbeing run high after a great session!

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