Perform: Fitness: provides a comprehensive professional conditioning and rehabilitation service which will enhance your physical development and performance, your reconditioning and rehabilitation from injury.

The training, rehabilitation and conditioning methods used have been tried and tested in an elite sporting environment and are now available for professionals and amateurs alike.

Key services include:

A thorough strength & conditioning, rehabilitation, corporate health and well-being service can be tailor made for individuals or teams.

With over twenty years’ experience in professional high performance sport and a vast experience within the corporate health environment, Perform: Fitness: can provide the link between fitness, conditioning, well being and performance.

The competitive field can be in the workplace or the field of play. Either way, you want you or your team to be in peak condition so performance can be optimal, whatever challenges may arise.

Perform: Fitness: offers the solution via bespoke strength & conditioning programmes, specific individual or group fitness testing, exercise prescription, rehabilitation and return to play strategies, isokinetic assessments and reconditioning all based upon your individual requirements.

Alex has a real passion for rehabilitation and enjoys the challenge of helping a client who may have an acute injury or chronic injury history to return to full function.

Perform: Fitness is more than just a fitness training option…

With the experience and knowledge that Alex has gained over the years in elite sporting and high demanding environments, she has the capacity to transfer this into specific applied programming to help individuals and teams reach their goals in a fun, passionate and intense way.

The environment that Alex has worked in demands results, and this is where choosing to work with Perform:Fitness really stands out from the crowd.

Alex Reid is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach with the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) as well as an Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCC) with the United Kingdom Strength & Conditioning Association (UKSCA). She is also qualified in the Football Association Fitness Trainers Award and is certified in pre & post natal fitness conditioning and can provide the support and conditioning plans necessary for a positive experience throughout pregnancy as well as getting you back into shape after your new born has arrived.  Alex is first aid and AED trained and carries full professional liability insurance.

A tailored package can be developed and implemented with individuals, groups or teams.

Following this intervention you will see how Perform: Fitness: can add value to you and your team.

E: alexreid@performfitness.co.uk

M: +44 7739186501

To perform

To do, carry out, execute, achieve, complete, function, work, operate, run. Fitness: Health, strength, robustness, vigour, condition, capability, ability.

About Us

Perform: Fitness: The Solution:

Established in January 2008 and based in London, UK, Perform: Fitness: provides the link between strength & conditioning, rehabilitation and performance.

Perform:Fitness provides the following services:

  • Strength & Conditioning Coaching:
    • Performance based strength training and coaching: Olympic lifting, compound/assistance lifts and functional conditioning as well as aerobic/anaerobic conditioning, speed, agility, speed endurance, etc. All based upon your individual requirements.
    • Fitness training sessions: improve your general fitness. Sessions can include circuits, HIIT sessions, group fun games, like touch rugby, ultimate Frisbee, handball, etc. All great team based activities with fantastic fitness benefits!
    • Specific sports related conditioning: hypertrophy, strength gain, improved sport specific fitness, robustness training.
    • Weight management: specific conditioning sessions aimed at reducing body fat, increasing metabolism and increasing lean muscle mass.
  • Functional Rehabilitation from Injury:
    • Bridge the gap between hands on physiotherapy sessions and full functional demands: body protection and robustness packages.
    • Alex is used to working within a multi-disciplinary team and is very happy and comfortable liaising with your physiotherapist or orthopaedic surgeon to ensure the best strategy for a return to action and full function.
    • You can self-refer for this service.
  • Fitness Testing:
    • Speed testing, aerobic capacity testing, speed endurance assessment, body composition assessment.  Reports provided.
    • Heart Rate zone prescription: make training effective…
    • Isokinetic testing (quads/hamstrings & ankle): essential for objective markers post injury or post-surgery, but also extremely valuable for pre-signing medicals, or for baseline scores for example. Covered by most healthcare insurance providers.
  • Return to Play Strategy:
    • Timeline established and conditioning programme created based upon a return to play strategy.  This is especially useful after a period of de-training or injury.
    • Improved body awareness = increased success.
  • Corporate Health & Well-being:
    • Health at work seminars and workshops
    • Team bonding sessions: Physical sessions for groups to promote physical activity as well and team bonding!
    • Jet Lag strategy: behave like a professional athlete when you travel the World for important meetings and events: Available for sports people and the corporate industry alike.
  • Pre & Post Natal Fitness:
    • Re-conditioning after delivery of your baby.  Get back to pre-baby shape with a specific programme graduated after birth.
  • Performance Consultancy:
    • Alex is also available for performance consultancy, where she can come in to an environment and observe current practice.  Observations and advice on best practice to help the facility and personnel involved to improve and become better can be relayed in a professional manner.  With over 20 years experience in high performance and elite sport, Alex recognises what works well and what may need to be improved in a sports science environment.

Alex’s background includes 10 years in professional football at both Fulham Football Club and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, as well as consultancy for The Football Association as a sports scientist travelling with the International squads for international tournaments and games.

Experience with tennis players, judo players, golfers, motor racing drivers, rugby players, in addition to recreational athletes who want to do a couch to 5k or 10k programme or become stronger, for example, have all lead to an abundance of experience over the years.

In addition to this applied experience, Alex is a keen author and has written three books. Please refer to published material for more information.

 My goal is to help you achieve your goals…

This experience at an elite, high performance level is invaluable in helping clients reach their optimum level of physical development.  Body protection and body awareness are key areas to help a client improve and reach their goals.

 Don’t leave your performance to chance…

Photograph courtesy of mooneyphoto.com

Perform: Fitness recognises the value of optimal performance, recovery and well-being, whether in the office or on the field of play.

There is nothing stopping you reaching your potential and achieving your goals…

Don’t Leave your Performance to Chance…

Alex conducting a training sessions with the players from Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

Photograph courtesy of www.mooneyphoto.com

Alex Reid, BSc, CSCS, ASCC.

Contact Us

Alex Reid, BSc, CSCS, ASCC. Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

E: alexreid@performfitness.co.uk

M: +44 (0)7739 186501


How it works…

If you decide that you’d like to go ahead or discuss any of the services that I provide in further detail, then please email me directly.

E: alexreid@performfitness.co.uk 

If you require a rehabilitation or S&C programme I will ask you to complete a needs analysis form. This will provide me with all of the relevant information that I need to write a bespoke personal conditioning or re-conditioning programme. I will base my prescription on your injury history, any clinical detail from a referring practitioner, your goals, time commitments, facilities available, etc.  My goal is to ensure that whatever I prescribe is achievable for you to make a difference.

The completed and submitted needs analysis form will also serve to provide me with consent to store your personal data as with the GDPR policy which began in May 2018.  In order to support you and communicate with you fully to ensure the best outcome for your conditioning or rehabilitation I will need to liaise with you via email and phone as necessary. If at any time you’d like me to remove your information from my database please place this request in writing to the Perform:Fitness office.

Once I have received the completed needs analysis form and any relevant clinical information I will plan your programme and we can arrange to meet to run through the programme.  I can see you at your home, my home or at Physiocentric in Wimbledon Village.

This initial S&C session will take 1 hour.  If you live abroad or outside of London then I can support you remotely and we can liaise via Face Time or Skype.

As part of the package you will have access to an online strength software so as long as you have WiFi you will have your programme with you wherever you travel.

This encourages adherence to the programme and we can track load progressions, compliance to the programme, in addition to any muscle soreness or injury, sleep behaviours, rating of perceived exertion, training load and injury or soreness.

Your individual programme is bespoke and you can decide to see me as regularly as you wish: some clients see me every week and some every 2-3 weeks or at the end of the 6 week training block. I will support you remotely throughout your plan as much or as little as you like and the online software is an excellent monitoring tool to promote success with the plan.

A 6 week review will follow and any progressions or amendments will be provided during this session.  Progress is assessed and discussed and plans are evolved at this point.

Details of my fee structure can be provided upon request.

I hope I can help you reach your goals…

Don’t Leave Your Performance to Chance…