Perform: Fitness: provide a thorough strength & conditioning and corporate health and well-being service for you as an individual, or for your team, that being a sports team or corporate team within the working environment.

With over twenty years’ experience in professional and high performance sport and vast experience within the corporate health environment, Perform: Fitness: can provide the link between fitness, conditioning and performance.

The competitive field can be in the workplace or the field of play. Either way, you want your team to be in peak condition so they can perform optimally, whatever challenges may arise.

Perform: Fitness: offers the solution via specific fitness testing, exercise prescription, rehabilitation, isokinetic assessments or strength & conditioning options, based on your requirements.

Rehabilitation is a passion for Alex, who enjoys the challenge of helping a client who may have an acute injury or chronic injury history.

Alex Reid is a certified strength & conditioning coach with the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) as well as an Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCC) with the United Kingdom Strength & Conditioning Association (UKSCA). She is also certified in pre & post natal fitness conditioning and can provide the support and conditioning plans necessary for a positive experience throughout pregnancy as well as getting you back into shape after your new born has arrived.

A tailored package can be developed and implemented with individuals, groups or teams.

Following this intervention you will see how Perform: Fitness: can add value to you and your team.

To perform

To do, carry out, execute, achieve, complete, function, work, operate, run. Fitness: Health, strength, robustness, vigour, condition, capability, ability.

About us

Perform: Fitness: The Solution:

Established in January 2008 and based in London, Perform: Fitness: provides the link between physiology, health, strength & conditioning, rehabilitation and performance.

 Our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

The experience that we have at an elite performance level is invaluable in helping others reach their optimum, both personally and professionally.

 Don’t leave your performance to chance…

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  • Functional Rehabilitation from Injury
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Corporate Health & Wellbeing
  • Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Perform: Fitness recognises the importance of optimal performance,

whether in the office or on the field of play.

We can help you reach your potential and achieve your goals.

Alex conducting a training sessions with the players from Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

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Alex Reid, BSc, CSCS, ASCC.


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Alex Reid, BSc, CSCS, ASCC.

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